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The Marc Jaiden Project is a community movement that transforms lives by engaging eye care specialists, sponsors, supporters and individuals with one goal in mind – to provide 

VISION WITH HEART. No one should ever be limited by poor vision, and that is why we provide vision care to the community in need, locally and globally. Together, we help restore eyesight, provide eyewear and prevent vision loss.

When vision is limited, the incidence of depression increases and reliance on family, friends and community service doubles. Poor vision leads to lower rates of employment, greater social isolation and emotional distress. The impact of poor vision is greater than the disability burden for breast cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma, and HIV/AIDS combined. Considering these factors, it is little wonder that low vision ranks alongside cancer as the health issue people fear most. Almost five million people in America today lack access to glasses. This means that 15% of the population cannot effectively learn or work properly. Globally, about 315 million people don’t have access to visual health. The Marc Jaiden project is determined to change this.

The Marc Jaiden Project has provided eye screenings to over 25,000 individuals, eye exams to over 18,500 and proper eyewear to  over 15,000.

What we do

We believe everyone has the right to see!

  The National Committee on Vision & Health states that an estimated

25 % of all school-age children have vision disorders of some type. 

Children with learning disorders

should receive a comprehensive

eye exam.

60% of learning disabilities

are associated with

vision problems.

marc jaiden project see change psa campaign


We are able to continue our mission because of the efforts of our extraordinary volunteers. They not only perform the necessary tasks to help us accomplish so much, but are the heart of the organization. Our volunteers have fun and have a social experience like no other–one that is deeply rewarding and inspirational. We design our volunteer opportunities and hours to suit schedule and interests.


As a non-profit organization, The Marc Jaiden Project relies solely on the generous donations of sponsors who want to give back to the community. Our sponsors help us grant visual screenings, eyeglasses and procedures.


Thank you for considering an in-kind donation toward such an important cause. We accept items such as pharmaceutical eye drops, eyeglass frames, used prescription glasses, gloves and more. If you would like to help the community with an in-kind donation,

please reach out to us.


Just $20 can give 1 person the priceless gift of sight. 

Just $100 can provide 5 people the priceless gift of sight. 

Just $500 can provide 25 people the priceless gift of sight.


Your voice matters in what we do. Feel free to contact us.

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